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Ms. Jia Yu

Ms. Jia Yu, Vice President in North America/Chief Executive of the Regional Committee of the Association of Family Offices in Hong Kong, is responsible for the business cooperation and development with the governments, the companies, the institutions, and international organizations, which are located in North America. She has substantial experience in international commercial and legal business areas. Since 2007, she has successfully participated as a key player in the development of business relationships and in provision of critical advice and counsel in more than ten important sectors in the Greater China Area, North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. She graduated from five first-rate law schools in China, Canada, and USA. She acquired the valuable work experience from the law firms in the aforesaid three countries, and also from the Chinese companies, the Canadian companies, and Canada’s largest trade and industry association. The program between China and Canada, which was initiated and in charge of by her, was commended by the then-Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. She is professionally fluent in Chinese and English languages.